Percolator Video

I produced and animated the commercial-style video that appears on

Music is by Thomas Gromer of Polarlight Sound. (Thomas composed the very cool music for the Things for iPad video.)


Producing the video at the same time that I was developing Percolator 2.0 led to two very interesting discoveries:

  • The first version of the video lacked “something special”—which turned out to be the bubble transitions. Initially I added this feature to Percolator just to make the video more interesting, but it’s actually a nice feature in the app. When the bubbles animate in the app it adds four seconds to the processing time, but no one has complained. (You can just tap to dismiss the animation if you really want to.)
  • In the video, I wanted to show the Percolator UI as the app runs, but each shot had to be timed and sequenced precisely. By building in some “automatic behaviors” into the UI—such as having the settings drawer open automatically after processing—I was able to drop some shots from the video and improve the UX for the user by eliminating a few extraneous taps.

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