Percolator Landing Page

The Percolator 2.0 website launched at the same time as Percolator 2.0 and involved the combined efforts of many.

  • The basic site form follows’s mobile app template.
  • I designed the site to have a retro feel that supported Percolator’s branding.
  • I worked with Lightship Communications to develop the messaging and copy for each section.
  • I commissioned Retro Atelier to provide the custom imagery for the site.
  • For the bubbling animation effects on the page, Percolator exported text files containing the data for each frame of animation. I wrote a piece of JavaScript to load and animate the bubbles.
  • MindSea Development Inc. optimized and integrated this animation code into the final page, and wrote a controller that plays the animations as the page is scrolled.
  • I created the app video in a commercial style.

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