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Plants by Tinybop

Forest in Summer (credit: Plants press kit by Tinybop)

Forest in Summer (credit: Plants press kit by Tinybop)

At Tinybop, I helped code Plants, an interactive kid’s app that explores the diversity of life in a collection of ever-changing biomes.
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Double Across for iPad

I designed the graphics and interface skins for an iPad game designed and developed by Sol Robots.

Double Across is a crossword-style puzzle board game that lets you play with up to five other people, or with “famous author” AIs.

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Rocket Launch Demo

This project explores the Unity 3D environment.

The rocket model is a stock placeholder (Redstone missiles don’t burn solid rocket fuel), and the launch vehicle is unmanned. My main focus so far has been getting realistic particle effects for the rocket exhaust. 

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Happy GO Driver!

I produced this iOS game in collaboration with illustrator Peter Hamlin. The object is to keep the traffic flowing by controlling the traffic signals. Angry drivers and wrecks will obstruct your progress.

Level 4.

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SuperSpriteSurface Framework 2.0

The tile surface supports intelligent redrawing of only the visible area.

SuperSpriteSurface is a free class framework for REALbasic that provides a savvy, modern alternative to REALbasic’s built-in SpriteSurface control:

  • OpenGL-based
  • Fast collision detection
  • Several sprite types (group, tile, text)
  • Reusable sprite behaviors
  • Font texture creation tool
  • Supports Mac and Windows

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