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Timeline Software

I created a cross-platform timeline component for BlackBack Technologies Mac and iOS forensic analysis tool, BlackLight.

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SuperGraphics Framework 3.0

SuperGraphics is a vector graphics code framework for REALbasic that supports multiple output options (CoreGraphics, SVG, PDF, etc.) through a single, unified, easy-to-use API. Supported effects include Bezier curves, gradient fills, transparency, etc.

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SuperSpriteSurface Framework 2.0

The tile surface supports intelligent redrawing of only the visible area.

SuperSpriteSurface is a free class framework for REALbasic that provides a savvy, modern alternative to REALbasic’s built-in SpriteSurface control:

  • OpenGL-based
  • Fast collision detection
  • Several sprite types (group, tile, text)
  • Reusable sprite behaviors
  • Font texture creation tool
  • Supports Mac and Windows

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