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Painty's node-based workflow.

Painty’s node-based workflow.


  1. Of, coated with, or soiled with paint: a painty finish; painty overalls.
  2. Having a crudely or clumsily painted surface: The stage set consisted chiefly of painty scenery.

I am developing experimental, stroke-based rendering software—affectionately known as Painty. The software takes a photo, 3D rendering, or some other image as input, perceptually deconstructs it, then rebuilds a new image as a sequence of brush strokes.

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Portraits: Communications of the ACM Magazine

One of four generative paintings made with my algorithmic painting software that appeared in the February, 2012 issue of Communications of the ACM.

The photos were provided by each subject and varied in quality. This image, a studio shot taken by a photographer, was the best.