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Waterlogue is a photo app inspired by Moleskine watercolor journals, urban sketching, artist’s journals and en plain air painting.

The technology developed for Waterlogue transforms your photos into spontaneous, unique, and brilliant watercolor sketches that look like real paintings.

Waterlogue distills your environment down to its essence—just the way an artist would—and turns even an on-the-fly snapshot into something luminous and sublime.

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Plants by Tinybop

Forest in Summer (credit: Plants press kit by Tinybop)

Forest in Summer (credit: Plants press kit by Tinybop)

At Tinybop, I helped code Plants, an interactive kid’s app that explores the diversity of life in a collection of ever-changing biomes.
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Treble—introduced in version 2.0; Hero shot

Percolator combines unique visual effects processing with a beautiful, retro, coffee-themed user interface (UI) and refined user experience (UX) design. The mosaic technology used in Percolator is based on a proprietary circle packing algorithm.

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Inktensity—introduced in version 2.2

Inktensity—introduced in version 2.2

Released six months after the 1.0 release, Popsicolor 2.0 is a significant update to my illustration-inspired photo app. The app is currently at version 2.2.

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Popsicolor 1.0

Currently an App Store “New & Noteworthy” selection for iPhone and iPad storefronts.

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Noise Reduction & Simplification

I developed a two-pass noise reduction and shape simplification algorithm for my forthcoming iOS app.

Real-time Comic Book Rendering

I developed a sophisticated comics video filter that runs on the iPhone in real-time. To give the app a test run, I shot some footage at lunch one day and edited it in iMovie on an iPhone. The Magical Apple-esque Music is courtesy of iMovie. This work is currently ongoing.

Patent Pending

Natural Page Shading

I’ve made a few visual improvements to the Leaves framework while putting together a friend’s book app. Leaves will let you add book-like functionality to your apps, letting you load in a PDF and get page turning interactivity. It’s not as advanced as iBooks — the pages remain axis aligned when turned, and double page spreads are not supported, but it’s open source and works pretty well out of the box.

YouTube Preview Image

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Sketch: Multi-Column Layout Algorithm

This iPad app is the proof-of-concept for an algorithm I designed to present large numbers of items in a compact layout. The concept uses a variable, multi-column format to give readers a feeling of variety on long pages.

The layout code was designed to find an optimal article layout—defined generally as the column configuration that contains the least dead space—using multiple column formats. In this test app, dead space is marked with diagonal lines; in a final app, the article heights would adjust to fill the column.

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Experimental iOS App: Pixel Art Meets Global Illumination Rendering

This experimental iOS Graphics app is ½ old-school 2D pixel editor and ½ 3D global illumination renderer. I developed a ray casting algorithm that uses low- resolution depth and color maps to produce a high resolution rendering with subtle lighting and shading.

From left to right: depth map (user created), color map (user created), depth + color (used for final render), global illumination rendering.

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Henri Icon

Icon, logotype and concept for a BW iOS photo app.

Photoshop and Cinema 4D.

Sketch: iPad Photo Map

I pursued this internal AP project in order to learn iOS development. The project experimented with end-to-end technology: A server-side OS X application accessing the AP photo feed and delivering it to an iOS client app with a custom map component.

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Double Across for iPad

I designed the graphics and interface skins for an iPad game designed and developed by Sol Robots.

Double Across is a crossword-style puzzle board game that lets you play with up to five other people, or with “famous author” AIs.

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Rocket Launch Demo

This project explores the Unity 3D environment.

The rocket model is a stock placeholder (Redstone missiles don’t burn solid rocket fuel), and the launch vehicle is unmanned. My main focus so far has been getting realistic particle effects for the rocket exhaust. 

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Happy GO Driver!

I produced this iOS game in collaboration with illustrator Peter Hamlin. The object is to keep the traffic flowing by controlling the traffic signals. Angry drivers and wrecks will obstruct your progress.

Level 4.

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