Live Global Storm Tracker

The development of the new AP storm tracking interactive and its underlying map engine involved coordination with the primary data provider and research into competing storm tracking products.

  • Map engine is tile based and supports multiple zoom levels.
  • Map engine supports coordinate projection transformation for creating dynamic overlays based on Lat-Lon data.
  • Map imagery was provided by Natural Earth in equirectangular projection; I wrote a tool to project that map imagery to the spherical Mercator format and then create tile sets.
  • I created separate data layers for each zoom level in ArcGIS.
  • Additional tools were developed to generate cloud overlays from satellite sources, but we ultimately decided against implementation for editorial reasons.
  • Weather data is obtained from an XML feed.

The interactive went through rigorous testing due to the life-and-death nature of the content. During this process I found a discrepancy with the Cone of Uncertainty my software was calculating, which resulted in a data provider finding and correcting the underlying error on their maps.

Development screenshot showing a "live" cloud overlay. This feature was not published because the lag between cloud imagery and tracking data would have been misleading.

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